Bwoy de Bhajan – Botanical Nectars

I often forget about this little blog, until I hear a song like this. I have to share this, it is so beautiful. It is very complex and easy to appreciate how much skill this producer has, listen to the ambient sounds all over the place. The sub is clean and deep, none of the sounds are annoying.  The vibes are chill.

Porter Robinson – Flicker

Feel the emotion in the chords. 1:13  ~

This album is very different from what you would expect from Porter Robinson, and it is fantastic.  It was released earlier this year.  The entire album is very raw and emotional, featuring many samples of speech with really interesting effects. Lots of pitch bending and cutting. Sad machine is another great one from this album.

If you want to know what his older stuff is like, listen to Spitfire or Unison.  Less nostalgic/emotion, more bass driven electro.

Stop reading this and listen.

Mr.Carmack is wow

Holy mackerel. Two tracks to share tonight. Just today I discovered Mr. Carmack who has a lot of other chill tunes like this one with funky bass grooves and smooth breaks. If you want to hear some more Mr. Carmack I suggest checking out…ahem… ‘Brazilian Blowjobs’… no I didn’t make that up. Despite its name, it is a fantastic song. Another great one is ‘The Next Afternoon’.  Mawhs also just released a great remix of this song which I will post below.  This is actually how I discovered Mr. Carmack. 

Tycho – Awake

Tycho. Because I am always connected and on the look out for good electronic music, I have heard Tycho’s name a number of times. I’m sure I’ve even heard his songs before.

This is the first song that made me stop what I was doing when I heard it and immediately save it and sync it to my libraries. The guitar in this song is so well done. Crystal clear, beautiful recordings. Lovely delays and effects, reminds me a bit of U2.

Listen to this song yourself and enjoy the melodies. The song will take you on a journey if you let it!

Roald Velden – Moments

I couldn’t have a music blog and not eventually post this song and artist. Roald Velden is probably my favorite progressive house artist next to Stereopole.

When I first heard moments I played it on repeat often. There is something about this song that I find so moving. When you first get a taste of the main chord progression and you know you are just getting started…

Progressive House.
Best House.